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Moona Whitice 

"I love to decorate spaces that feel cozy, warm and inviting but have an element of fun!" 





Home Stylist - Styled Home Hub

Home  Decorator, Re-designer and Home Stager. 

Moona Whitice, decor article in Abode Qatar

My name is Moona. I am a communications and marketing professional turned empty nester, Home Stager, and blogger. I am the creative force behind Styled Home Hub. I am married to an International Lawyer who works overseas and I live between homes in the Middle East and Florida.   


Over the past 8 years, I have lived an expat lifestyle as I followed my husband to Doha, Qatar where I worked for a lifestyle publication as Executive Director. Through the pages of Abode, I featured a steady flow of monthly DYI/Home decor articles aimed at motivating other expats to make their corporate housing feel like a real home. 


Styled Home Hub is a continuation of that passion that started so long ago, as I traveled to far away places and was inspired by renter friendly, viable decor and organization solutions. Now living in South Florida, I like to feature decor that is high on "wow" factor, stylish yet affordable and vibrant yet not too colorful. I like to use fun, playful chic elements to create signature vignettes and prioritize functionality and space over too much clutter.  


My work has been featured in Abode and Qatar Happening magazines. I have taught interior decorating courses as an adjunct Professor and I am the co- author of a FabJob’s Guide to “Becoming an Interior Redesign Specialist and Home Stager”.  I also serve on the board of the RESA Broward Chapter as President. 



Decor obsession?

I am obsessed with throw pillows and baskets. A good friend once counted 36 pillows between my living room and family room. I have pillows in baskets in my family room, just in case of a pillow emergency! I guess it's a serious matter. 


What is your favorite color?

I really love all jeweled toned colors, but if I had to pick just one, it would be Blue. I have always liked all shades of blue, including aqua blues because they are peaceful and calming. I seem to wear blue almost every day! That it how much I love it. 


Staple in the kitchen?

Coconut Oil. I even put it in my coffee!

RESA Broward Chapter


I.R.I.S. Certified

Home Stager and Redesigner

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